About Us

At Hatherly Loughnan we deeply value the relationships we build with our clients, and we know our clients appreciate our practical, friendly approach.

We offer a wide range of legal services. For more information visit our Services page, or contact us directly. For professional, friendly advice phone us on 03 365 4324 today. At Hatherly Loughnan we are committed to ensuring we provide a professional legal service that meets your needs. 

At Hatherly Loughnan we will:

  • Promote and protect your interests.
  • Act competently and efficiently, in accordance with the instructions received.
  • Provide clear information about the work we will undertake, the services to be provided and the costs to be charged.

Our obligations to you are detailed in our Client Care Charter/Terms of Engagement form which can be downloaded here.

Any questions can be directed to us on 03 385 6591 or the Law Society on 0800 261 801 or www.lawsociety.org.nz